Very Berry Chia Pudding

The first time I tried chia seeds I hated them. But they kept intruiging me and this berry chia pudding is actually the recipe which made me really like them. It is sweetened with fruit and maple syrup and really easy to prep for a couple of days in advance.

This recipe is for two portions. So you can prep it and have breakfast to go for two days.

Layers of fruity chia pudding, plain chia pudding and yoghurt in a glass topped with granola and blueberries.

Ingredients (per serving)

  • 75gr of (defrosted) summer fruit
  • 1 a banana
  • 5 tbsp + 3 tbsp of chia seeds
  • 100 mL of (plant based) milk
  • splash of vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 100ml of (plant based) yoghurt
  • 20 gr of your favourite granola. I use Floral Fig by Naturally Granola *

Dishes you’ll make

  • 2 glass containers
  • a small bowl
  • blender/ stick blender and container
  • 2 spoons

Let’s make this berry chia pudding!

  1. Peel the banana and add it to a blender together with the 75gr of defrosted fruit and 50mL of water. Blend this until smooth.
  2. Stir through the 5 tbsp of chia seeds and spoon into the glass containers.
  3. Mix the 100mL of plant- based milk with the vanilla, maple syrup and 3 tbsp of chia seeds. Stir through and let it set for about 5 minutes before spooning it on top of the fruit layer. Cover it and let it set in the fridge overnight.
  4. THE NEXT MORNING: finish with your (plant- based) yoghurt, granola and blueberries. Enjoy!

Let me know what your opinion is on chia puddings and whether this berry version changed your mind.

*I am an ambassador of Naturally Granola, which means I get some granola in exchange for Instagram posts. This means this granola was gifted, but this article is not part of our agreement. It does mean you can use my code “miekeatsNG” for a 10% discount, I don’t make any money from that.

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