I rarely make an exact recipe twice, which means I often add a little twist. Here you can find recipes which you might know, but with these variations you keep your flavour buds surprised.

Disaronno Sour Cheesecake Bars

Here it is: the recipe I developed for the 2021 Italy edition of Foodies Magazine. I think Disaronno Sour cocktails are my favourites: sour, creamy, fresh, like a dessert in a glass. Being able to…

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Crunchy Cardamom Bananabread

This bananabread has a little twist: I’ve added cardamom for some citrussy notes, making the bread less heavy and a crunchy topping for more interesting textures. It is a great way to use those spotty…

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Baked Salmon & Edamame

Edamame are very versatile and a perfect combination with salmon. Together with roasted broccoli (which stays crunchy, yumm) this makes a very quick and easy dinner. This baked salmon & edamame also is a great…

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Bananabread brownie bars

The marriage of Bananabread and Brownies, I mean YES YES YES. These bananbread brownie bars are so moreish it is dangerous . Last week the idea of this popped into my head and I just…

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Vegan Easter Cheesecake

Always room for dessert right? Well, this Easter cheesecake can be enjoyed by everyone around the table as it is vegan and nutfree! I came across this image by Amy Treasure Blog on Pinterest a…

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Spiced Date Babka

Fall, layers, all the cinnamon-y spices: I am ready! This spiced date babka will make your house smell amazing, give you the perfect activity for a drizzly Sunday and you’ll end up with a lovely…

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