Foodie Gift Guide 2021

So my trick for giving the best gifts is listening to people. Try to notice things that bother them (and can be solved with a gift) or things they mention and that they would like, but don’t buy for themselves and give them that. But sometimes you really don’t know what to give or put on your wishlist and that’s why I made my foodie gift guide for 2021. Get ready for 3×5 different ideas divided into different price categories.

I am an affiliate of Foodtographyschool and I get commissions for people who come through me, at no extra cost for you. The link where this applies is marked with a *. All other links are just to make it easier to shop online (for Dutch residents).

Gifts below €20,-

  1. For the baker (or vanilla enthousiast): Nielsen- Massey Vanilla Bean Paste (€16,95). This stuff is GOLD. I bought one years ago in the UK, used it super sparingly and rarely because I thought it was too special. But honestly, these days I add it to so many things and it lasts me quite long (almost a year or so). Worth it if you ask me.
  2. For the cheffy person: Victorinox Bird’s Beak knives (€12,49). The curved blade migth surpise you and them, but it is mighty usefull for those small tasks in the kitchen like hulling strawberries. These are supersharp and will last long.
  3. For the sciency foodie: The Science of Cooking (€18,79). Awesome illustrated book on all sorts of processes and sciency things regarding food. What are the stages of bread baking? Why does defrosted fruit lose so much moisture?
  4. For the dining lover: Set of linnen napkins (€9,99) These feel very luxurious and immediately give an effortless chique vibe to any table setting.
  5. For the breakfast enthousiast: Exclusive Naturally Granola x Gert de Mangeleer granolas (€11,85 a jar). Since becoming a NG ambassador over a year ago, Tiara (the owner) has become a close friend of mine. She recently worked together with Michelin Star Chef Gert Mangeleer to develop three exclusive granolas and I am so proud! These make a perfect gift for the foodies who love breakfast or fancy granola for snacking. The three flavours are:
    • Pink Lychee (with aniseed, rose, lychee and raspberry)
    • Spicy Chocolate Corn (with Belgian dark chocolate, freezedried corn and a subtle hint of pink peppercorn)
    • Berry Wild Peanuts (with wild peanuts, cranberries and ginger).

Gifts between €20,- and €50,-

  1. For the fancy foodie: Set of 2 Ferm Living Ripple Champagne Glasses (€39,-) Something people might not buy for themselves, because it still is almost €40,- for two glasses, but therefor a better gift. Anything you drink from these handmade glasses feels fancier. Ok ok, maybe not everthing like milk haha.
  2. For the foodie gamer: Overcooked 2 (about €27,- prices varies per console). Are you ready for some stresstests in the kitchen? This is the first game we got for the PS4 and we played it A LOT. If you play cooperatively, you need some good communication. There’s also a double pack for the PS4 and some other varieties, so have a look around. I only have played Overcooked 2! so that’s why I put that one in.
  3. For the baker: A Nordic Ware Bakeware Tin(€44,99). For this the same as the glasses, expensive to get yourself but great for gift giving. These are basically the kings/ queens when speaking about bakeware. They have different versions, so I recommend have a little look as to which you find most awesome to give.
  4. For the flavour maker: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (€27,99). Make sure to check whether your gift receiver has this or not, because it is a foodie favourite. Almost everyone in my cookbook club had it. It is not so much a recipe book, but more explaines what influences Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat have on your food and how you can influence your food by using them. It is a marvellous bible for any foodie.
  5. For the impressive lunch maker: Monbento Bento Box (depends, but linked is a €42,90 one). I have been wanting one of these for YEARS and I finally got one last week. I love taking a little fancy looking lunches to work, as they add (another) moment of joy to my day. My biggest lunchbox inspiration has been Jess Beautician on Youtube, I definetely recommend checking her out, or adding a link to her channel when giving this gift. You can always add accessoires like cutlery or sauce cups if you like to spend more.

Gifts above €50,-

Gift ideas above €50,-
  1. For the cheffy one: Chef’s knife, I personally love this Wüsthoff one. BUT: what’s even better is to give them a (homemade) giftcard with a budget and let them pick for themselves. Everyone has their own preference.
  2. For the beginning foodtographer: iFoodtographyschool (about €105,-)* Perfect for those foodies who love photographing their food with their phone, but could use a little level up. This course is a great start and will teach you everything you need to know about creating mouthwatering photos with your phone. You can use the code MIEKEATS for 15% discount.
  3. For the fine dining lover: Dinner (for 2?) at a fancy restaurant (Price dependant on restaurant, but for all the Dutchies check they have amazing discounts on (Michelin Star) restaurants. Definitely a high end gift, but experiences are always awesome to give in my opinion.
  4. For the foodie who doesn’t know what to cook: SortedFood anual membership + apron + cookbook. (About €90,- including shipping to NL, excluding any import duty/ custom fees). I love the guys from SortedFood, I am not kidding. They have been making top notch content ever since I started watching their YouTube videos… in 2010! With this gift you’ll not only give an apron and a cookbook, but also an anual membership. This means the gift receiver has digital access to their cookbooks, but also their meal packs app. The meal packs app contains meal plans for 3-4 days, including grocery lists, instructions, cooking timers etc. It gives great inspiration and guidance for mid- week meals, which means more time for the fun things: cooking!
  5. For the secret foodie: NOKI (€85,-). NOKI stands for No One Knows It. It is designed and hand made by ceramic artist Jie Chen in Eindhoven. The NOKI looks like it just is a little vase, but there is a secret cookie jar underneath: you can see it in action here. You can contact her if you’d like one. I know it is on top of my wish list!

Hope this served as some inspiration to you. Let me know what is on top of your wishlist this gifting season. And if you are looking for some ideas to bring to your Christmas dinner, keep an eye out, because I have developed a Christmas on a budget menu for you.

Disclaimer: All prices are the ones I found when writing this article without added discounts. I am not responsible for any changed prices since I have no influence on them.

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