The Disaronno Sour Story

For Foodies Magazine I developed a recipe with the flavours of my favourite cocktail: A Disaronno sour. There is actually a little backstory to it, which I’ll share today.

It starts off with my boyfriend. He has a deadly nut allergy, which is why I nuts haven’t been part of my diet for over a decade. About two years ago he went to Berlin for an internship and I got to go on a school trip to Bologna, Italy. We went in November, but it was surprisingly warm still. So one night me and a group of friends went to a little cocktail bar and sat on their terrace. One of my friends recommended the “Amaratto Sour”.

That First Disaronno Sour

Amaretto (for those who don’t know) is an almond liquor, so normally I wouldn’t drink it. But being so far away from my boyfriend, I decided to put these allergy restrictions to the side and give it a go. Lo and behold:


As someone who rarely finds any alcoholic beverage even drinkable, I was absolutely gobsmacked. This tasted like a pastry in a glass: sweet, sour, creamy, yumm. Coming back home I knew I would have this drink for a long time…

Hopping forward to me leaving a year later, to do an internship in London for about 5 months. Out after a hilarious pantomime we landed in a bar with Amaretto Sours. Ofcourse I took the opportunity to order one and I fell in love all over again. I also just didn’t want to accept I would never have this again (or at least, nearly never).

I knew you can also obtain almond flavours from apricot pits. Or maybe there was a way to make a liquor from almonds which just has the flavourcomponents. So what do you do? You ofcourse send a DM and an email to Disaronno, asking whether or not their drink is safe to consume for people with nut allergies. It took some time, but I got the answer! People with a nut allergy can safely consume Disaronno. OMG!

So then ofcourse I got a big ass bottle haha. I don’t drink often, maybe once every two months, but I love making a more luxurious drink like this cocktail when I do. Two notes: Just to be safe I always only use the Disaronno liquor, because I don’t know what the situation is with other amarettos. And I always follow this recipe for the amaretto sour.


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