Easy Garlic Sauce

All this time in lockdown I have loved using this garlic sauce more often. It is super easy and because you don’t use fresh garlic the garlic flavour is more balanced and doesn’t keep increasing over time. This garlic sauce is barely a recipe, but it is such a winner. My favourite combo is with some oyster mushroom kebab or over courgette/ chicken or courgette/ tuna fritters, yum!

Easy garlic sauce

What you need for garlic sauce:

  • 2 tbsp of mayonaise
  • 2 tbsp of greek yoghurt 0% (read below why the 0%)
  • 1 tsp of garlic powder
  • salt & pepper

Dishes you’ll make

  • two spoons
  • bowl

How to make it

  1. Add your 2 tbsp of mayonaise and 2 tbsp of greek yoghurt to the bowl and add your garlic powder, salt and pepper. Stir through and done!

Just one step haha. But when you know this you can freestyle a bit (keep an eye out for future twists on this one).Plus, you can easily upscale this: perfect to use for several days or a for a bigger crowd. Read below on why I use low fat greek yoghurt.

tuna zucchini fritters with garlic sauce

Why Greek Yoghurt with 0% fat?

There are three reasons. First up: mayonaise consists mainly of fat and adding a regular (or 10% fat) Greek Yoghurt the mouthfeel too fatty, which I don’t like as much. The second reason is flavour balance. Low fat Greek Yoghurt often has a bit more of a noticable tang. This tang adds a nice balance in combination with the fatty mayonaise.

The third and last reason is about consistency. When there is more fat in yoghurt, the yoghurt becomes more viscous (so thicker). Adding a thick mayo and a thick (full fat) Greek Yoghurt together makes a thicker sauce. I often drizzle it on top of things (like on these zucchini tuna fritters you see above). But if you prefer a thicker (dipping) sauce, definitely add a full fat yoghurt. I do recommend adding a little lemon juice or white vinegar to the sauce to balance out the fatty flavours.

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