Cookie Statement

Miek Eats uses cookies. Cookies are little pieces of information which, when visiting this website, are added to your browser and hard drive, or in the memory of the device with which you visit my website. These cookies will not harm your device.

Which cookies do I use?

Here you can find an overview of which cookies I use though the website and why I use them.

  • I use functional cookies. With these I ensure the website functions properly in order for me to provide you with the services and products that I offer, and to make sure the website is user friendly.
  • To optimize the website I also use analytical cookies. I have a commercial interest in your internet behaviour and connected data to analyse my services and improve them whenever necessary. I track your use of my website with Google Analytics and WordPress Analytics. These cookies tell me whether or not you’ve visited my website before. Only on your first visit these cookies are added, on subsequent visits the already existing cookie is used. The cookies only has statistical purposes and collects data on, amongst other things, amount of unique visitors, which pages are visited and for how long.

    I think your privacy is extremely important. I have taken the following precautions with regard to the analytical cookies to reduce the affect your privacy to minimal extent:

    I have agreed upon the Data processing amendment with these providers, I agreed they use your data for no other purposes and they have to mask a part of your IP- address.
  • Lastly I use affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing cookies are placed on this website to determine whether or not I am XX to receive any remuneration of my partners, when you are referred through this website.

Deleting cookies

Cookies which are not necessary for this website to function, are only placed after your consent. You can withdraw this consent at any moment. When you don’t want this website to use cookies, you can change your browser settings in order to not accept cookies and to remove all existing cookies. You must do this on every device and browser which you use. This can have an effect on the services and functionalities I can provide you.

Final provisions

I recommend to review this statement on a regular basis, because I can make adjustments to the policy. Revisions will be announced on the website. If you have any questions regarding this statement or the cookies I use, please send an email to