Welcome to my kitchen! My name is Annemiek and I am 26 years old. When I was young my parents often told me not to play with my food. But I am happy to say I made it my job!

​I am a massive foodie. I studied Food Technology and Food Innovation & Design. Besides learning about food, I like to cook/ bake, make photos of the food, read and learn all sorts of new skills. Like last year, I did a minor in Graphic Design which I loved!

In my opinion cooking is freedom. You are free to create whatever you like. Maybe you have some boundaries by picky eaters, a time limit or your budget, but with the right knowledge you can freestyle in whichever direction you want. It is my mission to help you gain that knowledge, teach you the basic skills and hand you some recipes for inspiration.

​If you have any questions, just pop me an email. Enjoy my website and feast your eyes!


Questions, suggestions, remarks?

Do you have questions regarding the recipes, science or basics? Massive panic in the kitchen because something isn’t working out or do you have a fun idea? Feel free to mail me at: info@miekeats.com


To me food and sharing go hand in hand. I grew up in a big family and the dinner table is a place to come together, enjoy the food (or not, in case of a picky kid’s mood) and share our stories of that day.

Want to “dine together”, share stories and see what we can do for eachother? Exciting! Pop over an email at info@miekeats.com to talk about the possibilities.

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