Chicken & mushroom

Lettuce wraps

Spring is coming and it is time to celebrate!

Fill the table with luscious greens and build your own lettuce wraps: grilled chicken & mushrooms, rice and kimchi. Flavour explosion!


Please don’t follow these! See them as guidelines and use the things you learn from the Science and the Basic to add your own pizzazz to every dish.


Get a deeper understanding on what the heck is happening in the kitchen when you are cooking. This knowledge will give you more freedom to get creative!


Sort out your basics and build a solid foundation, so you feel more confident in the kitchen.


The leftovers: reviews, behind the scenes and little stories. The place to go for some fun and weird bits too.


Making banana bread, but don’t have ripe bananas? You can soften them in the oven. Just 12 min at 200°C


Hi, I am Annemiek

Food is my life. I love cooking, baking and the science behind all of it. As a student Food Innovation & Design with a background in Food Technology, Food Journalism and Food Photography I think I qualify as a foodie. Maybe even a superfoodie. 

Disaronno Sour Cheesecake Bars

Here it is: the recipe I developed for the 2021 Italy edition of Foodies Magazine. I think Disaronno Sour cocktails are my favourites: sour, creamy, fresh, like a dessert in a glass. Being able to drink Disaronno…

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Crunchy Cardamom Bananabread

This bananabread has a little twist: I’ve added cardamom for some citrussy notes, making the bread less heavy and a crunchy topping for more interesting textures. It is a great way to use those spotty brown bananas.…

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Easy Garlic Sauce

All this time in lockdown I have loved using this garlic sauce more often. It is super easy and because you don’t use fresh garlic the garlic flavour is more balanced and doesn’t keep increasing over time.…

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