Clementine & Cinnamon Buns

Clementines are a wonderful winter fruit, but I rarely use them for anything. Time to change that with these clementine cinnamon buns.


Please don’t follow these! See them as guidelines and use the things you learn from the Science and the Basic to add your own pizzazz to every dish.


Get a deeper understanding on what the heck is happening in the kitchen when you are cooking. This knowledge will give you more freedom to get creative!


Sort out your basics and build a solid foundation, so you feel more confident in the kitchen.


The leftovers: reviews, behind the scenes and little stories. The place to go for some fun and weird bits too.


Try something new from the supermarket once in a while to keep you excited about food.


Hi, I am Annemiek

Food is my life. I love cooking, baking and the science behind all of it. As a student Food Innovation & Design with a background in Food Technology, Food Journalism and Food Photography I think I qualify as a foodie. Maybe even a superfoodie… 

In my opinion cooking is freedom. You are free to create whatever you like. Maybe you have some boundaries by picky eaters, a time limit or your budget, but with the right knowledge you can freestyle in whichever direction you want. It is my mission to help you gain that knowledge, teach you the basic skills and hand you some recipes for inspiration.


Ik weet niet hoe het met jou zit, maar ik krijg keuzestress rond Oud & Nieuw. Er zijn zo veel lekkere opties en om nou een oliebol, een oliebol met rozijnen en een appelbeignet te eten wordt…

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Carrot & Coconut Snowglobes

I think snowglobes are so cute and these little Christmas desserts are inspired by them. You can put a big gin&tonic glass over them for an easy wow effect, but if you don’t have those I am…

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Vegan Jackfruit Stew

The days are grey, again, but a stew bubbeling away on the stove always makes for a better day in my opinion. This vegan jackfruit stew is part of my three course Christmas menu, of which I…

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