Cocktail Bake


Sour Bars

THE recipe I developed for Foodies Magazine.

Based on my favourite cocktail: the Disaronno Sour. Creamy, sour, tangy and added crunch from the base. A summer fave.


Please don’t follow these! See them as guidelines and use the things you learn from the Science and the Basic to add your own pizzazz to every dish.


Get a deeper understanding on what the heck is happening in the kitchen when you are cooking. This knowledge will give you more freedom to get creative!


Sort out your basics and build a solid foundation, so you feel more confident in the kitchen.


The leftovers: reviews, behind the scenes and little stories. The place to go for some fun and weird bits too.


Try something new from the supermarket once in a while to keep you excited about food.


Hi, I am Annemiek

Food is my life. I love cooking, baking and the science behind all of it. As a student Food Innovation & Design with a background in Food Technology, Food Journalism and Food Photography I think I qualify as a foodie. Maybe even a superfoodie… 

Pasta with Chunky Veg Sauce

Today Jamie of recommended a Tomato Stew recipe by Crisp. It looked amazing, so I used it as inspiration for my dinner. I adjusted it quite a bit by adding pasta, different mozzarella and a little…

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Next Level Box Brownies

Them box brownies, you know the just add water ones, they are my favourite: Super duper easy. Plus you can wash the wisk and bowl while they are in the oven and they come with a cardboard…

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Disaronno Sour Cheesecake Bars

Here it is: the recipe I developed for the 2021 Italy edition of Foodies Magazine. I think Disaronno Sour cocktails are my favourites: sour, creamy, fresh, like a dessert in a glass. Being able to drink Disaronno…

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